A curated collection of talks can be found below; there are more on my YT channel. To book me as a speaker, please email me at coppa@muhlenberg.edu or fcoppa@francescacoppa.com.

“Teenage Girls Are Magic” with Elisa Kreisinger on Strong Opinions, Loosely Held, Refinery 29″ August 6, 2017.

“Things We Don’t Have In The Future…And How Fan Arts Can Help,” a talk given at University of the Arts, ¬†Philadelphia, 2009

“Fair Use & Remix Culture: Transforming¬†Consumers Into Makers of Culture,” Yale University, ¬†2011.

“Geneology of Vidding,” 24/7: A DIY Video Summit, USC, 2008

My segment is “Fans and Social Pioneers,” Can Fandom Change Society, PBS, OFFBook, 2012.

“Transmedia Hollywood 2 – Designing Personalities Who Play Across Platforms,” panel discussion at UCLA, 2011.