Sorry about the blog fail: this is what sabbatical does to a person, though I am writing, writing, writing (!!!) my book provisionally titled Vidding: A History.  But here are a few other updates from me.

  • I had an absolutely marvelous time talking to Eric Molinsky and Stephanie Billman on Slate’s Imaginary Worlds podcast; my episode Fan Fiction: Don’t Judge, was released on November 1, 2017.   I had the kind of fun you have at a party and later go, wow, I hope I didn’t make a fool of my self.  My wonderful editor Mary Francis says that we should have, “What, you got something against werewolves?” put on t-shirts. It was that kind of interview, but really a fun listen. Britta Lundin, one of the writers of Riverdale, and fanfic writer Savannah Stoehr are both on the podcast as well, and they’re marvelous.
  • Congrats to Susanne Scott and Melissa Click on the publication of The Routledge Companion to Media Fandom, which is one of several new important anthologies.  I’m in here talking about vidding with Tisha Turk and Alexis Lothian,  but the contributor list is to die for.  Check it out if you don’t believe me: the only downside is the price.  But get your library to get it; it’s such a rich volume, every library needs this!
  •  “Transformative,” written with Rebecca Tushnet, is part of  Keywords in Remix Studies, ed. Owen Gallighar and Eduardo Navas which being released as we speak. This whole collection looks like a winner, too, and I might adopt this for  one of my remix classes: “Writing about Remix” or “Literary Remix.”